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podcast 020 | brett atchison

Okay, by now, you’re familiar with Brett hopefully. You can feel him getting into it more and more, trying to outdo each previous mix. A year ago, when we kicked this podcast back off, that was the intention. Get our immediate crew back in the zone, while presenting some fine mixes to those that appreciate them. Hopefully, we can get some sort of blindfold family party together in the coming year.

As far as the mix goes, there’s no introduction needed. Expect the smooth, deep cuts that he always plays, but better. Happy holidays, and this is a reminder to keep pushing. Creativity needs to push us from the core. peace!!

podcast 016 | nolan haener

somewhere in the depths of atlantis, a society has vanished and left us with little evidence. this is the connection between our worldly abyss and intergalactic nomads. keep this mix in your backpocket for those extended solar travels…

podcast 015 | ryan haener

Ahh, yes!! It’s here!!

Expect some quality cuts which mostly land on vinyl only releases.

Ryan Haener. This man has led himself on a journey from the early house days of dallas, texas to ‘open-airs’ of the promised land in germany. The man has no problem getting in where he fits in, and that simply lies in the fact he’s so definitive on his style. Driving, weird, deep and techy is how i like to explain it, but we all know categorizing stuff starts to draw its limits. Check it out for yourself and spread this one on. We need to get some more recordings from this reclusive beast!!

podcast 014 | metaxa

We discovered Metaxa aka Siliccone Groovees through his release on Yoruba Grooves and have been thrilled with his cuts. Thanks to the internet, we were able to let him know that we support his sound, opening up a dialog. The German born, Greek resident was very kind to grace us with a smooth mix for this edition of blindfold music. We hope you like him just as much as we do, and keep an ear out for future releases. His most recent release is available at on DubGestion.

Drum Motu on Decks
Facebook Page

podcast 013 | brett atchison

Well, this mix just leaves me shaking my head. Representing the core of US dj’s not looking for the hype or fame, this mix is a true gem. Our second recording from Brett makes you wonder what’s wrong with the mainstream underground in this country. I have a feeling if you put this man in front of the proper crowd, we would breed a marathon DJ for the heads. The meticulous construction leaves you wondering what would happen with 4+ hours on a dancefloor.

We’re still pushing forward and very happy with the quality output showcased here. Happy 4th of July to our fellow americans and don’t forget to do what you want to do…To the rest of the world, the message is the same. Keep on!

podcast 012 | nolan haener

Tune in to another episode from our host, Nolan Haener, as he pulls out records and works his way through a driving journey with his limited functions of the original Rane rotary mixer…don’t look, just feel

Harry McCanna & DTG – Subdivisions – Leftback
Zouaoui & Jay Phonic – Rumantsch (Original Mix) – Arche Musik
Martin ‘M – Diagonal – Mumble
Javier Carballo & Carlos Sanchez – Puru
Marino Canal – New Order – Mood Records
Metaxa aka SiliCCon Groovees – 86 (Arapu Remix) – Yoruba Grooves
Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Bengan – Karlovak
iO (Mulen) – Crux – Cardinal
Lo Soul – Passing Sun – Another Picture Productions
Jerome C – Agnes 2 (Bodeler remix) – Abartik

podcast 011 | karsten lesso

Straight heat and knowledge from this one! There are people whom you cross paths with in life, where you have an instant connection. The story about my introduction to karsten has many loops and aspects that are inexplicable, but the connection was extremely strong through specific sounds and artists. This connection led to a marathon set at my apartment, which spurred an almost instant brotherhood. In this mix, he’s bringing the quality that I expect of him and keeping me searching for new music to top what is brought to the table today.

I hope you can appreciate the quality of this mix for what it is, and am hoping this release is just one of those dots connecting and putting him out in the public where he belongs. We need to hear these records, so enjoy this mix and get used to karsten lesso being a part of your rotation. a blindfold staple, this one…


podcast 010 | ck

CK, the man behind deep mvmt, has come to us with a nice offering for 010. He’s got loads of releases available on beatport and seems that he’s not slowing up anytime soon. The music speaks for itself, so in his words, let’s keep it deep.

Find him online:

podcast 009 | louiv

Our good friend hailing from San Francisco, has roots firmly based in Tijuana. Louiv brings the modern and forward thinking dance grooves we’re looking for. Deep, heady and non-stop…He’s included some original work in there somewhere, so see if you can tell which one it is. My guess is no. His productions have a level that is already suitable for the dancefloor, so we’re proud to showcase his work here.

check his soundcloud out here

podcast 008 | dubquest

Please welcome Dubquest, whom we’ve had the pleasure getting to know through their sounds on the web. Dubquest is the artistic fusion of Domenico Savio and Luca Colella. Hailing from Milan, Italy, their sound is unified from the same love of music that connects the two budding DJ/Producers. The name Dubquest speaks for itself. It’s the mystical adventure in the search for deep and dark minimal sounds.

Follow Dubquest here!

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