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podcast 007 | brett (unavailable)

bringing the heat in 007, is our long running brother in sound, brett. he’s a true head, not interested in gaining popularity, but rather doing it for the sake of his health. he’s on a journey, as you’d expect from any true artist. tune in and download the first installment of many from brett.

podcast 006 | nivn

nivn is a force to be reckoned with. having just released a remix for yanee on p.u.n.c.h.i.s. records, this man has joined the wave of new minimalists that are taking the US, bit by bit. intricate grooves fill his record bag, and you will be hearing far more from him as the tides turn.

enjoy the latest session from blindfold and peruse his page here:

podcast 005 | nolan haener

catch the smooth minimal selections from host nolan haener, as he digs through some of his more simple driving selections. download at will, and find your mental vacation to the after after afters going down with your cosmic vibrations.
mixed with two 1200’s and a rane mp2016 rotary…no individual eq

track listing:
cv313 . lost sequence . echospace
takashi himeoka . sylvia . rummenigge
cristi cons . suspecte . eklo
lumieux . evergreen . trapped ldm
pedro goya . flux . frenzy
den . big t’s bustle . music is art
tjn . zee . in haus wax
nima gorji . rootdown . bla bla nation
johannes albert . all things mind altering . frank music
potholes . tabarnac . common labour

podcast 004 | alexander pietrzak

In our fourth session, we pay a visit to the deep epicenter of Berlin for our latest dose of blindfolded cuts. Alexander Pietrzak is a pure underground DJ with the focus on a true vinyl culture. Besides his work for RTS.FM Berlin last year, he works to push people’s dreams and ideas to create spaces where talent and taste are more important than egos and profit. A romantic dreamer, Alex loves good people and music.

Check his soundcloud page:

podcast 003 | sean galvin (abstraxt)

as we move into our 3rd session, ryan has picked up on a vibration overseas from sean galvin with the abstraxt podcast. /

sean is based in london, england, where he and some friends run the upcoming movement ABSTRAXT. having already made an impact on the scene at the end of 2015, they have a lot to watch out for this year.

for now, be sure to check their podcast series, with exclusive mixes from artists such as sorin miles (deep mix bucharest), hansel! (tzinah records) and david gtronic (moan recordings) to name just a few: /

inspired by artists such as rareht, francesco del gardo, nicholas lutz, our ozer and ricardo villalobos, sean’s unique sound cannot be defined to one genre. playing mostly on vinyl, expect to hear groove influenced house, techno, minimal, garage and even breakbeat and electro.

podcast 002 | nolan haener

our second installment comes from blindfold music’s founder, nolan haener:

jcb, mikhail kobzar, alina kalinina . sleepers . m-music
involuntary movement . debut . involuntary movement
vendi . ayawashk . body parts
marino canal . strain . mood records
neverlake . alone . neverlake
alex baciu, pantec . pescara . piano forest records
tale of us . north star . r&s records
ian russo . bad romance . floyd unit
third child & bauch . yeah . alarm
nima gorji . baffling . bla bla nation
brett jacobs . bar di boor . ng trax
bruno pronsato . blue eyes blind . hello? repeat

Fueled by an unrelenting passion for music, rather than chasing bills or panties, Nolan Haener has been deeply immersed in the house music scene since the late 90s. His life path was forever shifted after being exposed to the thriving sonic subculture in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He was soon DJing around his college area multiple times a week, honing his craft and ear, while mastering the art of turning the party out.

Haener eventually relocated to the glamorous sunshine capital that is Los Angeles, California to take internships at taste-making label Ubiquity, and Green Galactic, a techno-focused PR firm run by Lynn Tejada, wife of John. While learning the business side of things, he DJ’d throughout Southern California expanding his reputation with show-stopping sets.
Fate and the legendary music scene soon brought him to San Francisco, where he dove headfirst into its thriving culture, performing alongside multiple acclaimed artists. Eventually he co-founded the Bay Area’ scorching hot underground party Re:Body, with a simple mission statement: The music came first, the DJs were in control, and sunrise didn’t mean shit. Two of Re:Body’s highlights would go on to be the West Coast debut of Art Department, and the US premiere of Linkwood.

By 2013, Haener was based back in Los Angeles, where he’d bring Re:Body down for one epic night those lucky enough to be in attendance are still talking about. Trips to Barcelona to spin with Odd Parents and Berlin to perform on TwenFM Radio soon followed. He’s held a number of residencies at venues around L.A. and continues to DJ and throw various underground parties, but his main concentration has been on original music production and Blindfold Music, a musical podcast featuring topnotch global DJs set free on the decks. He has plans to expand Blindfold into a full service music label, where the artists are given open freedom of expression. He’s mostly inspired as a DJ, producer and label head by the deeper realms of minimal house, techno, and disco edit frenzies, but the most important source of inspiration for him is his mantra: Tell stories through vinyl.

podcast 001 | autumn tree

Thank you for joining blindfold music in our journey to connect the dots with quality house and techno across the globe. Our first installment of the blindfold music podcast comes to you all the way from the banks of the Mktvari River in Tbilisi, Georgia. Enjoy some nice deep shades from autumn tree, as this duo will start to appear more on your radar when time reveals itself.

Autumn Tree is a side project of the Georgian techno duo Greenbeam & Leon. The idea of the project appeared after the boys started to make a sound that was radically different from the Greenbeam & Leon production and less agressive. Under the alias of Autumn Tree they’re making warm, harmonic and melancholic music. Their sets are also distinctive for their deep, euphoric, melodic sound.

Follow their soundcloud below:

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