as we move into our 3rd session, ryan has picked up on a vibration overseas from sean galvin with the abstraxt podcast. /

sean is based in london, england, where he and some friends run the upcoming movement ABSTRAXT. having already made an impact on the scene at the end of 2015, they have a lot to watch out for this year.

for now, be sure to check their podcast series, with exclusive mixes from artists such as sorin miles (deep mix bucharest), hansel! (tzinah records) and david gtronic (moan recordings) to name just a few: /

inspired by artists such as rareht, francesco del gardo, nicholas lutz, our ozer and ricardo villalobos, sean’s unique sound cannot be defined to one genre. playing mostly on vinyl, expect to hear groove influenced house, techno, minimal, garage and even breakbeat and electro.